End Scrum NOW!!!

As a software engineer using scrum engaging many clients using Scrum since 2005, I will never be abused by Scrum process again. Every year Scrum gets worse and worse, and I've seen enough:

  • Teams produce less working code
  • Scrum ceremonies become more inane and waste development cycles
  • Developers start to see Scrum meetings as a waste of everyone's time
  • Lower quality code is produced, more slowly
  • Some team members produce nothing, no one seems to notice even the Scrum master
  • Software engineers enjoy less and less career satisfaction
  • Product knowledge is lost over time
  • Process knowledge is lost over time
  • Managers become ghosts and do not work with developers or really do much of anything
  • No one in any company bothers writing user stories, development is just a ticket system with few poorly defined requirements, or optionally nothing in the ticket
  • Developer's wages are being suppressed by forcing them to report to low paid laymen with Scrum certification
  • Career advancement for developers is nearly non-existent
  • Scrum masters who are mostly unqualified laymen, treat developers defensively and increasingly with hostility, trying to manage conversations they simply do not understand because they the Scrum masters know they are not adding value without looking like they are "in charge".
  • Team autonomy is talked about but essentially non-existent
  • Scrum planning and grooming never produce anything close to predictable velocities or deliverable dates even after years of scrum on the same team
  • Developer mentorship is mostly non-existent

Hiding behind processes like scrum will not save you. Even in the best case scenarios, enterprise shops and startups are faking progress by breaking user stories into tiny little pieces or simply working stories over many sprints "are we there yet?", dragging out timelines for simple work to obscure the fact that the teams are lost, the business people are clueless, and developers are disinterested.

Agile processes were unleashed on the software industry as a way not to fail. Unfortunately agile processes simply allow you to continue work without knowing that you have already failed, will deliver late or preventing others from realizing until its too late that you have failed.

Yes, Scrum IS completely broken in 2021 and has been for years.

The only projects I have seen using Scrum where it actually helped was in the early days before it became polluted and distorted by "certified" Oprah Winfrey like Scrum masters who have turned software development into a bad reality TV show.

If the software industry wants to save itself:

  • JOB #1 is getting rid of "professional" Scrum masters
  • JOB #2 is getting rid of Scrum.

But don't wait!...

End Scrum NOW!!!